The detailed info about your IP and how it impacts your anonymity. Pay attention to the red lines below, after analyzing is completed.
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The IP address you use for IPv4 connections.1
The IP you use for IPv6 connections.2
The connection protocol you use now (IPv4 or IPv6).3
The port you use for this connection.4
LocationUnited States of America -1
The country detected by geo api. There is a lot of countries that force ISPs to watch the users online activity.You are connecting from UKUSA country, this is bad for your anonimity.5
ASNAS14618 Inc. 
An officially registered autonomous system number detected by geo api.6
The WebRTC leak test shows if the IP is leaked to the WebRTC system.7
The DNS leak test shows if your IP is leaked to the third-party DNS system.8
Operating system. An open source system is the most trusted.You use the commercial operating system so you have got -1 to the rating.9
BrowserDefault Browser 0.0-1
The Internet browser you use. It is great to use an open source software, as the rest can spy you.You use not an open source browser, so you have got -1 to the rating.10
Do Not Track header. You decided not to be tracked when DNT is activated.Your current connection has inactivated DNT, so you have got -1 to your anonymity rating.11
Referer is sent by the browser to the webserver to track the page you are coming from.Your browser does not send the referer and this is good for your anonymity.12
AgentCCBot/2.0 ( 
The detailed information sent to the website by your browser. This can be used to track you and should be "Not detected" if possible.13
Your browser does not accept cookies. (*) It does not influence your anonymity.14
Your browser does not accept session. (*) It does not influence your anonymity.15
Your anonymity rating is calculating...
Please wait for IP leak test done.

How to detect your IPs in Linux terminal?

Consider to use the script available here

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