WebRTC IP leak test

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The test detects IPs leaked to WebRTC system.
Your calculated anonymity rating is about 16% (visit details page for exact value)

What is a WebRTC IP leak?

WebRTC is an open source project (webrtc.org - managed by Google WebRTC team) dedicated to streaming the data between devices. WebRTC technology can share your IP even if you are connected to the VPN.

Why does the leak happen?

Web browsers and mobile applications use the WebRTC to make the peer-to-peer connectivity. All the modern web browsers has the built in WebRTC. There is one feature of WebRTC, it collects IPs from Network devices directly. So the IP leak may happen. Basically WebRTC operates local IPs only, but it may get the public IP especially when your Network device has assigned IPv6 address or when you have a static IPv4 address.

How does WebRTC work?

According to the official docs the WebRTC API is based on two main javascript methods navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia() and navigator.mediaDevices.getDisplayMedia(). The special interface RTCPeerConnection is used to handle the connection. Most of web applications require a server to get it work (more details are available in the WebRTC documentation). During the client - server communication the IP leak may happen.

How does WebRTC leak test work?

When you click on start test button then the bash.ws site executes javascript code which is described here https://github.com/diafygi/webrtc-ips and shows the IPs available to WebRTC. The test warns you if something is wrong.

How to integrate the WebRTC leak test into WordPress site?

Please use the plugin available here https://github.com/macvk/vpn-leaks-test

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