Torrent IP leak test

My IP: start test
The torrent IP leak test asks to download a torrent from server.
Your calculated anonymity rating is about 16% (visit details page for exact value)

What is a Torrent IP leak?

This kind of IP leak appears when you are downloading a torrent. If you use some reliable VPN and/or torrent client then you have no issues. But some torrent clients can bypass the VPN tunnel and download the torrent from the network directly. The torrent leak test can help you to be sure you are secured and your real IP is not leaking outside.

How does Torrent leak test work?

When you click on start test button the site generates an unique torrent file for you and waits for download. You should start download this torrent and the test catches the IP addresses shared by your torrent client.

What kind of VPN connection can I check?

Any kind of VPN connection is acceptable (IKEv2, IPsec, PPTP, OpenVPN etc).

What torrent client should I use?

You can use any torrent client you want. It is up to you. But! One torrent client shares your IP while the other one - do not. So, you should test your everyday torrent application.

Does Torrent leak test support Linux?

Yes. You can use any operating system you want. It is not important for the test.

How to integrate the Torrent leak test into WordPress site?

Please use the plugin available here

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